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Looking Glass Foundation

Recovery is possible. We have seen it, been through it, and have helped others find their way along the path to recovery. This is our story and why we believe in what we are doing. 

We are parents and friends who know the fear of living with a child suffering from an eating disorder. We know that eating disorders are not a choice you make but rather, serious illnesses that deserve serious attention. In 2002 we came together for mutual support to overcome the fear that comes from being alone and unable to find help. 

At that time, eating disorder clinics and other community programs were overburdened, hospital admissions meant long waiting lists and families seeking residential care were forced to find it outside of Canada at tremendous expense and personal sacrifice. We recognized the desperation of families and the tremendous need for appropriate, accessible care in Canada for all adolescents facing the challenge of eating disorders. 

A Passion for Eating Disorder Therapies 

With a passion only those touched by this illness can know, a small group of concerned parents formed The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders, a not-for-profit charitable foundation seeking to serve adolescents across Canada. Looking Glass is dedicated to creating a better understanding of eating disorders, improving access to care, and providing urgently needed programs and services previously missing from the continuum of care.

We work in close partnership with medical professionals and the Government of BC to assure the highest quality of care. As a result of this vision and mission, since 2002 we have developed a variety of essential programs and services for adolescents. 

These include: on-going support groups (online and face to face), scholarships, an annual summer camp program and the Woodstone Residence, Canada's first residential recovery centre for adolescents specializing in the care and treatment of eating disorders. We offer our heartfelt thanks to the many generous donors and committed volunteers who have helped us realize our dream.

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